New – Scorpions of Israel Field Guide (in Hebrew) by Ohad Yahalomi, Yoram Zvik, Asaf Tsoar and Efrat Gavish-Regev

A new book was published recently on the scorpions of Israel (published by The Israel nature and parks authority), as a result of collaboration of The Israel National Arachnid Collection (Dr. Efrat Gavish-Regev), Hoopoe Center for Ecology (Yoram Zvik), and Israel Nature and Parks Authority (Ohad Yahalomi and Dr. Asaf Tsoar)

The 90 pp. book include identification flow chart, matrix with pictures of all scorpions, and a detailed page with picture, diagnosis and distribution map for each of the scorpions found in Israel.

You can buy the book at the The Israel National Arachnid Collection, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, at the Israel Nature and Parks Authority stores, and order it from Hoopoe Center for Ecology

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