A Glance into Mollusca

Type Material

The mollusc collection is rich in type material. Especially in the former Coen and Blok collections are hundreds of samples with the indication that they consist of type material. All these types: holotypes, paratypes, syntypes, lectotypes and paralectotypes, are currently in the progress of being separated from the general collection and stored in the type collection. This is a time consuming process, because all the supposed type samples have to be compared with their original descriptions.

So far, type material has been located in the material collected by the following 154 authors:

Aartsen, J.J. vanAdami, G.B.Adams, A.

Aguayo, C.G.

Alcade Lèon, O.

Ancey, C.M.F.

Aradas, A.


Baker, F.C.

Bartsch, P.


Bavay, A.

Beckmann, K.H.

Benoit, L.

Bequaert, J.

Bermejo, M.

Biggs, H.E.J.

Bisacchi, J.

Bivona, A.

Blanford, W.T.

Boettger, C.R.

Boettger, O.

Bouge, L.J.

Bourguignat, J.-R.

Boury, E.A. de

Brandt, R.A.M.

Brazier, J.

Brugnone, J.

Brusina, S.

Bullen, R.A.

Burnup, H.C.

Buzzurro, G.


Carrozza, F.

Caziot, E.

Cecalupo, A.

Christiaens, J.

Clapp, W.F.

Clench, W.J.

Coen, G.S.

Connolly, M.W.K.

Cooke Jr., C.M.

Cooper, J.E.

Costa, O.G.

Coutagne, G.

Crosse, J.C.H.

Crowley, T.E.


Dall, W.H.

D’Attilio, A.

Dautzenberg, Ph.

Dekker, H.

d’Hamonville, L.

Dijkstra, H.H.

Drouët, H.

Dybowski, W.


Eeden, C.J. van

Emerson, W.K.

Engel, H.

Engl, W.


Fainzilber, M.Fehse, D.Fischer, H.

Fischer-Piette, E.

Forcart, L.

Fulton, H.C.


Gambetta, L.

Geiger, D.L.

Germain, L.

Gittenberger, E.

Godwin-Austin, H.H.

Goud, J.

Granot, Y.

Grego, J.

Grossu, A.V.

Gude, G.K.


Haas, G.

Hausdorf, B.

Hazay, J.

Heiman, E.L.

Heller, J.

Henderson, J.B.

Heude, P.M.

Hoenselaar, H.J.

Houart, R.


Iredale, T.

Issel, A.


Jeffreys, J.G.

Jones, K.H.


Kilburn, R.N.

Kobelt, W.

Kool, H.H.

Knudsen, J.

Kronenberg, G.C.

Krynicki, I.

Kuroda, T.

Kuscer, L.


Laidlow, F.F.

Leloup, E.

Linden, J. van der

Locard, E.A.A.

Lowe, R.T.


Madge, E.H.

Marshall, J.T.

May, W.L.

Maynard, C.J.

Melvill, J.C.

Menkhorst, H.P.M.G.

Mienis, H.K.

Milashevich, K.O.

Monterosato, T.A. di

Moolenbeek, R.G.

Morgan, J. de

Moricand, S.


Neumayr, M.Nordsieck, H.Nyst, P.H.


Pain, T.

Paladilhe, A. de

Pallary, P.

Peile. A.J.

Petrbok, J.

Pilsbry, H.A.

Pini, N.

Porro, C.

Powell, A.W.B.

Preston, H.B.

Prkić, J.


Ramsden, C.T.

Rochanaburananda, T.

Rosen, O.

Rossmaessler, E.A.


Schlesch, H.

Schütt, H.

Singer, B.S.

Sivan, N.

Smith, E.A.

Smythe, K.R.

Sowerby III, G.B.

Standen, R.

Stossich, A.

Sturany, R.

Sulliotti, G.R.

Sykes, E.R.

Szekeres, M.


Tapparone Canefri, C.

Tchernov, E.

Tiberi, N.

Tomlin, J.R. le B.

Torre, C. de la

Tristram, H.B.

Turner, R.D.


Vokes, E.


Wagner, W.M.

Watson, R.B.

Welch, D. d’Alte

Westerlund, C.A.

Wollaston, T.V.


Type specimens which were deposited in the National Mollusc Collection during the years 1995-2003 are listed in Haasiana 2: 40-42. 

Type material which was catalogued during the years 2004-2005 is listed in Haasiana 3: 68-70.