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The Wildlife Tissue Collection at the Laboratory of Molecular Evolution, Koret School of Veterinary Medicine, the Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture Food and Environment, is part of the National Natural History Collections of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The collection holds tissues and blood samples representing a wide range of mammals, birds and reptiles from various geographical regions in Israel. A library of DNA barcodes (COI, 12S and 16S) was constructed for local species which supports numerous conservation genetics projects. The DNA barcodes library is regularly used to conduct forensic testing for species identification purposes in cases of wildlife offenses such as poaching, poisoning, and illegal trade. The wildlife tissue collection was established for research purposes, and due to the successful collaboration with the Israel Nature and Park Authority the collection is growing rapidly every year.

The molecular evolution laboratory is carrying out molecular genetics researches to support the morphological and ecological studies conducted at the National Natural History Collections at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In addition, the ancient DNA laboratory specializes in conducting research of archaeological and museum artifacts.

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