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Tetraodontidae – Puffer fishes – “Fugo”

Lagocephalus sceleratus

The poisonous Lessepsian migrant Lagocephalus sceleratus

from the Mediterranean, Photo: David Darom

This recent Lessepsian migrant fish is highly poisonous! The elongated pufferfish

Lagocephalus sceleratus was first recorded in the Mediterranean in 2004 and immediately became very abundant. It can reach 80 cm in total length. There have already been several documented cases of hospitalizations in Israel and in other nearby countries, following digestion of L. sceleratus. Please avoid eating this fish!

Upeneus davidaromi

Upeneus davidaromi, Photo: David Darom

The deepwater (150-500 m) goatfish from the Gulf of Eilat Upeneus davidaromi was described as new species by D. Golani in 2001. Only recently the Gulf of Eilat population was elevated to a distinct species, separate from what was considered a species of wide Indo-Pacific distribution. This finding represents a phenomenon that is becoming more common, namely, the redivision of known species with wide distribution into more confined distribution regions. This redivsion is supported by studies on the molecular level. The species was named in honor of Dr. David Darom for his outstanding contribution to nature photography, particularly of fishes.

Type material

An annotated list of types in the Hebrew University Fish Collection described before 2006 and their references is given in Haasiana 3: 20-40.