Dr Jotham Ziffer-Berger

Fields of interest

Taxonomy of Brassicaceae

Taxonomy of Ranunculaceae

Coniferous forest ecology

Flora of Brazil

Flora of Angola

Bryophytes of Israel

Selected publications

Ziffer-Berger, J., & dos Santos Ribas, O. (2007). Contribution to the Hornwort and Liverwort Flora of Santa Catarina (Brazil). Boletim do Museu Botânico Municipal, 70, 1-11. http://www.jardimbotanicodecuritiba.com.br/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/Boletim-n%C2%BA70.pdf.

Ziffer-Berger, J., & Leschner, H. V. (2013). New interpretation of the Ranunculus cornutus–R. marginatus complex (Ranunculaceae). Phytotaxa,151(1), 35-43.

Ziffer-Berger, J., Weisberg, P. J., Cablk, M. E., & Osem, Y. (2014). Spatial patterns provide support for the stress-gradient hypothesis over a range-wide aridity gradient. Journal of Arid Environments102, 27-33.‏

Barazani, O., & Ziffer-Berger, J. (2014). Eruca sativa, a Tasty Salad Herb with Health-Promoting Properties. In Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of the Middle-East (pp. 269-279). Springer Netherlands.

Ziffer-Berger, J., Hanin, N., Fogel, T., Mummenhoff, K., & Barazani, O. (2014). MOLECULAR PHYLOGENY INDICATES POLYPHYLY IN RAPHANUS L.(BRASSICACEAE). Edinburgh Journal of Botany, 1-11.

Ziffer-Berger, J. & Chacaia, A. (2015). Hippeastrum puniceum (Amaryllidaceae), a new naturalized species in the flora of Angola. Polish Botanical Journal 60, In press.