Dr. Efrat Gavish-Regev

I am an arachnid systematist and the scientific manager of the Israeli Arachnid Collection (you can read more about the history of the collection at the collection website). The research conducted at the National Arachnid Collection Laboratory, which I manage, is focused on taxonomy, systematics, evolution, diversity and ecology of arachnids, and includes diverse research projects:

  • Systematics and taxonomy of spiders (Araneae) in general, and in particular of the spider families: Linyphiidae,  Lycosidae (Igor Armiach), Pholcidae & Agelenidae (Shlomi Aharon) and Theridiidae (Tanya Levy)

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  • Taxonomy & Scorpion Diversity and Distribution in Israel (with Yoram Zvik from Hoopoe Center for Ecology, and Ohad Yahalomi and Dr. Assaf Tzoar from INPA)

AndroctonusScorpio maurus



In addition to taxonomical state-of-the-art research, the Arachnid Collection staff sees high priority in public education and outreach, starting May 2014, we lead Thursday Sorting events open to the public, at the collections – every first Thursday of the month, the events include exhibitions, presentations of the research done at the collections, Arthropod sorting and additional activities,

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Scientific Publications: